Dubai Airport Hit With Thick Fog For The Third Day In A Row


Passengers traveling through Dubai for the past few days have been in for a surprise. Many flights have been canceled, severely delayed or diverted to alternate airports due to fog.


Thick fog affects the number of take offs and landings the airport can handle, and it has been close to or at capacity already during peak hours. Number of flights have been diverted to Dubai Word Center, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi and Bahrain.

Here’s an excerpt from the Nation (access the piece here):

Dubai airport has diverted 53 flights on Sunday as heavy fog causes more travel disruptions for a third successive day.

“Dubai Airports is working with airlines and other stakeholders to ensure the comfort of our customers and normalise operations as quickly as possible,” a spokesman said.

People reached out to Emirates and Dubai Airports on social media, expressing frustration over poor communication and poor customer care. Twitter users voiced concern after being unable to reach customer service representatives by phone.

Delays were not limited to the UAE. Those waiting for Emirates flights in other countries were stuck in airport limbo, unable to leave and without information on when the flight was expected.


The fog situation hits Dubai every year and throws the airport and Emirates operations into chaos (and we all know how good their customer service is….).

Those flying from Europe, can request Emirates to rebook them to their final destinations bypassing Dubai altogether if their flight is cancelled. Also, duty to care applies per EC 261/2004.

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