Air India Flying Returns 50% Off One Award Flight In 2018 (If You Book On Your Birthday)

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Air India has launched new Flying Returns promotion for 2018 where members can get 50% off the miles back used for an award flights that is issued on their birthday.

Air India Birthday Award Discount

The award flight must be on Air India metal and merely need to be issued on this specific day. The actual travel day can be further out.

You can access this offer on Air India’s website here.

Note that the system will deduct the full miles first. The 50% of the miles will be redeposited back to member’s account after the flight(s) have been been flown. The member must have his/her birthday on file with Air India.

Air India Birthday Award Discount Instructions

Here’s the information on the email sent:


Nice birthday promotion from Air India that only requires the award ticket issued on this specific date.

You must be sure not to make any changes down the road that would change the issue date, however, that would invalidate the discount.

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