Hyatt Globalist Concierge Benefit: Assignment Issues Or Neglect?


With the introduction of the World of Hyatt Globalist 60 night level it was advertised that qualified members would receive a personal, dedicated ‘Concierge’ who can be reached for account and reservation issues.

According to the email Hyatt sent after qualification per 60th night they would notify the member shortly about who their dedicated concierge will be, yet I heard from multiple people Hyatt has not assigned them one yet.

The ‘benefit’ (I put that in exclamation because I had these type of assigned agents before and it didn’t provide much advantage to me if any) is also advertised on the World Hyatt website (see here).

Access to My Hyatt Concierge agent for reservations and personalized service

And the email looked as follows:

That was my personal email three weeks ago. Friends of mine received the same as early as October and until now there is silence.

I’m not sure what ‘shortly’ means for Hyatt but it seems to me that this perk isn’t taken very seriously. Hyatt had dedicated Private Line Concierge teams in the past which I had assigned to me for some time before I requested it to be withdrawn. To say that this assistant was useless is an understatement and Hyatt isn’t alone in this.

Whenever a company advertises a concierge service it’s very hard to please people because everyone has individual needs and expectations for such a service. That also includes credit card concierge options such as American Express Platinum and Centurion.


Hyatt would do good either withdrawing that feature entirely or take their promises seriously and at least send members an update how this service is supposed to work.

Overall the problem (availability wise) with a personalized concierge is that this individual obviously has fix working hours and more than likely a 5 day work week. So you can’t always reach your concierge, emails might go unanswered for days and being located in North America puts an additional limitation on the entire thing. 80% of my bookings and queries with hotels are more or less last minute or time sensitive (upgrade space or awards opening up). I can’t wait until I get a reply half a day later or next Monday saying it’s now been sold out.

I had 2-3 of those situations in the past (5 years ago) which ultimately lead me to ask Hyatt to delete the private line concierge from my account again as it’s worthless to me and unnecessary for them to have someone on file who doesn’t need or want the service.

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