Lifemiles Still Comes With Ticketing Bugs & Error Messages Delaying Ticketing (Or Worse)


Avianca Lifemiles has estalished itself as a somewhat reliable option to fly premium class around the world in an affordable way when they have mileage sales going on which they do frequently.

Since the beginning of the LifeMiles program there have been bugs and errors with the website which are sometimes to advantage (zoning) or disadvantage (payment errors, blocking) of the customer.

I’m usually redeeming 5-6 LifeMiles tickets per year and in the past often ran into problem that the website would error out during the booking process. In those cases a PNR is created but there was some problem completing the ticketing process which is often the result of issues verifying taxes or payment information and most often happened with a combination of different airlines.

While I haven’t encountered it for the past year or so these errors are still going on as I experienced the other day when booking a ticket from Souel Incheon to Bangkok via Osaka with Asiana/Thai Airways in the ticket.

After all information has been entered including payment with American Express (U.S. issued) the website processed the purchase but errored out in the end:

I ended up calling them, being connected to two different agents only to be told the team that processes the payments has gone home for the day and I would need to call back. I mentioned I would not do that as I’m overseas and don’t feel like chasing this despite the message saying things would be taken care of by the respective team. I hung up and sent the support desk an email with my reservation details and my contact information.

A couple hours later I received an eticket via email in Spanish. Nice and well, that should be taken care of then.


My Amex card had immediately been authorized (got an email notification) and the PNR was also displayed on the ‘processing’ screen. Always take screenshots whenever you work with Lifemiles as I learned the hard way that you can’t leave things to chance with them.

I’m confident my ticket is now ok but the callcenter is very unreliable and service as good as non existent. Try to avoid calling and just send them an email!

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