Whine Wednesday: Repeated Lack Of Hot Water At Hotels – Marriott City Center Shanghai


The Whine Wednesday topic this week is about the lack of hot water, especially if it happens repeatedly at five star hotels that should be held up to a higher standard.

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I have stayed at the Marriott City Center Shanghai three times now and twice there was no hot water in the evening / early morning.

This is really a pet peeve of mine especially in the winter season when a hot bath / shower is essential but really having hot water is one of the most basic things a hotel should keep as a standard.

During the most recent stay I got back to the hotel after a long walk in the chilly Shanghai evening and decided to take a hot bath. Apart from an apparent lack of water pressure apparently the hot water ran out quickly. By the time the tub was full it was ice cold. Just awful!


Not sure why this hotel always has issues with their water supply. Hot water issues happen occasionally but really not very often. Maybe I have 5 such issues in the past 6 years but twice at the same hotel which is really telling, especially since the two issues are 11 months apart.

Even the cheapest hotels and motels can manage to have hot water so either this Marriott has severe equipment issues and/or managing the property isn’t up to par in terms of taking maintenance seriously.

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