SPG Surprise Year End Gift!


SPG has sometimes surprised program members by sending out gifts unannounced or by running promotions for items such as “rubik” cubes where colors were replaced by hotel brands.

SPG Gift 2017 Package

Some members were surprised over the past week with a box coming from the “Twin Cities” that inadvertently has your SPG number printed about your name on the address label!

You can access SPG here.

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Neat box!

SPG Gift 2017 Package Inside


SPG Gift 2017 Package Unwrapped


SPG Gift 2017 Package Note

SPG Pouch!

SPG Gift 2017 Package Pouch

SPG Gift 2017 Package Pouch Better


It is always nice when program sends you a gift. Even better if it turns out to be useful one.

Not sure how many SPG members who received this are not drowning in airline amenity kits. Nice to have it regardless as a reminder of SPG that goes away at the end of this year.

I have no idea what is the qualification criteria to receive one. I would think that the cut off date was probably sometime in November when they pulled the addresses to whom they decided to send these from the database.