UPDATE: Cathay Pacific Introduces Buy-On-Board On Select Routes & Ends Dine-On-Demand Trials (Response From Cathay)


Yesterday, I wrote (access here) about unconfirmed information from a Cathay Secrets Facebook group that was indicating that the airline was moving away from complimentary meals on select short-haul and overnight flights to regional destinations.

Cathay Pacific

I had contacted Cathay Pacific for a quote but that didn’t come on time. Cathay Pacific is denying the buy-on-board introduction and the airline is currently evaluating the Dine-on-Demand.

Here are the direct quotes:

Dine on Demand

Regarding the ‘Dine on Demand’ concept, which we conducted for a trial period in May and June 2017, we are currently in the process of analysing both passenger and crew feedback. We will share more updates on the new Business Class dining service once available.

Buy on board

The media report is categorically inaccurate. Cathay Pacific is a premium, full-service airline and there is no plans for what was rumoured.


Like I wrote yesterday, I really like when airlines allow business and first class passengers to choose what they want to eat and when. Most choose to eat when the crew are offering the service anyway and thus it is relatively small percentage that rely on this.

I truly wish that the rumors regarding the Buy-on-Board were not correct. It would not surprise me, however, if some full service airlines in Asia would go down this route following their counterparts in the North America and Europe.