Whine Wednesday: Thai Airways Useless, Consolidated Immigration Fast Track In Bangkok – Only One Of Four Counters Open


This weeks Whine Wednesday is about Thai Airways new way of channeling all their premium passengers into a tiny four lane ‘fast track’ that isn’t fast at all due to under-staffing.

Thai Airways has previously picked up their First Class passengers from the gate and moved them to the diplomatic channel which they don’t do any longer, now First/Business/Thai Platinum customers all use the same fast track.

Given the large amount of number arriving in either of these cabin classes (it’s the Thai Airways hub after all) you would t least expect that these few lanes (4) are adequately staffed but apparently that’s also too much to ask for.

This is how the new fast lane is indicated and I’ve seen it pretty backed up before:

There are four counters serving this TG Fast Track and during my recent arrival only one of those was staffed with an immigration official.

Now you often hear the argument that the airlines aren’t running the airport and have no influence on either distribution of gates or staffing of priority channels. I call baloney on that. Especially in a country like Thailand where everything is for purchase including government services it is absolutely zero problem for Thai Airways to have proper immigration lane staffing at their fast track or to receive proper gate positions.


It just appears that Thai Airways is once again trying to offer a light product in order to save a few bucks. The situation that First Class passengers are no longer given priority service and now stand in the same lane as Business and TG Platinum customers also speaks volumes.

For a long time the airline was pretty popular but it has just gotten worse and worse during the past few years, the service they provide both in the air and on the ground can be described as lackluster – at best. That’s one of the reasons why I have very few Thai Airways First Class flights per year and realized that even booking Thai First with miles isn’t really worth it unless there is no other connection available like in this case. It can be a decent option in Business Class though if there is a First cabin as seating option sold as Business.

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