Compensation Clinic: The London NYC (Conrad NYC Midtown)


This week the Compensation Clinic-case comes from a reader’s stay at the London NYC that recently changed its name to Conrad NYC Midtown.

Compensation Clinic The London NYC (Conrad NYC Midtown)

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You can access Conrad NYC Midtown’s website here.

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I stayed at The London NYC, now the Conrad NYC Midtown. There were issues with the alarm going off around 4am, and it wasn’t just an alarm, it was an extremely loud alarm (sounded like sirens going off IN the room). It went on and off for about half an hour… Intercom announcements were going off that were convoluted and confusing… Someone was telling someone else what to say, and it was just very amateur and EXTREMELY LOUD and 4/4:30am!

Eventually I went downstairs where it was crowded… A bunch of others were downstairs too. There was one agent working! I asked her what was going on. She responded, “The announcements said to not come to the front desk.” I said, “What is going on here?” She replied, “How would I know? I only work here…” I eventually just went back to the room, finally fell asleep half an hour later, and then the SIRENS go off AGAIN! And the intercom announcements went off AGAIN! It was the most disturbing night I’ve ever experienced!

To continue with what happened, in the morning I asked to speak with a manager. After discussion about how painful of a night I had and how awful the customer service was regarding this incident, the manager agreed to give me 145,000 Hilton points as compensation. I used a free night, so he essentially comped the night and gave me 1/2 a free night in points.

A full week later I noticed the points were still not put into my account. I decided to email the manager who promised the compensation asking when I can expect the points… The email on his business card he handed me bounced back to me. I started thinking he may have gotten fired due to the incident that happened and affected all the guests in the hotel.

I then decided to email the GM, Robert Rechtermann and got no response. I simultaneously reached out to The London NYC’s Facebook page and asked to get in touch with the GM and also asked if John Pelella is still working there… I saw they read my message, but did not respond until several days later! Not only was my stay there absolutely horrendous, but they do not follow through on their promises and they ignore every attempt at outreach.

I then reached out to Hilton customer service. About 2 weeks later, that same manager whose email bounced back got in touch with me, apologizing for the confusion and that there were so many complaints he lost or forgot about mine. It also turns out his email changed to match Conrad instead of The London. I don’t understand why they would turn off someone’s email instead of at least forward emails to his new email address. The manager gave me the points he promised as well as a Be My Guest for the inconvenience.


Must have been hell of a night for the reader with multiple fire alarms going off and sour front desk employee “who is only working at the hotel” that didn’t seem to have any idea what was going on. Perhaps time for some additional training?

I believe that the compensation that the reader received was good. Be My Guest is essentially a free night at any Conrad property worldwide and 145,000 Hilton Honors points is an additional night and a half.

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