New World Of Hyatt Membership Cards Are In The Mail, Globalists Watch Out For ‘Leftover’ United Airlines Club Passes (Expiring in Six Months)

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World of Hyatt has sent out their new membership cards for 2018 and Globalist members have once again two United Airlines Club Passes included in the membership package.

Before discarding of the letter you should go through it and take the vouchers out even though keeping the physical card is rather useless.

Providing an actual card during check-in at hotels is pretty much never required as the number and status is on file for all reservations already and even if not almost all programs offer a proper mobile application and/or a digital card to download into your wallet.

A few months ago I’ve also written about the necessity (or lack thereof) of physical membership cards (access here).

The two United Airlines Club Passes are a benefit for Hyatt Globalist members for a while now even though to be honest this is the first year ever that Hyatt accomplished to properly send me the membership card to the right address without having to request it again. You can access the Globalist benefit list here.

Of course Hyatt wouldn’t be Hyatt if the next screw up would be far away. The ‘valuable’ United Club vouchers expire six months from now which is definitely not normal:

For the 2017 membership year the vouchers were valid until 30th June 2018 as well. What that means is that Hyatt managed to fill the brand new 2018 membership packages with OLD United Club passes. Unbelievable!


The only tangible item in the entire membership package is already pretty much outdated. I (and other Globalists) now have four of these vouchers on hand, all of them with the same expiration date.

Not sure what’s getting into the mind the those running these loyalty programs. A few days ago John wrote about that IHG sent out downgrade emails to those who actually re-qualified for Royal Ambassador Status and now Hyatt sends out leftover United vouchers.

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