Reader Question: Getting SPG Stay Credit For A Sister’s Stay Booked Under My Account?


A LoyaltyLobby reader dropped us a question by Twitter DM regarding a situation with a stay credit where member’s sister was staying using an award issued on his account.

Reader Question Getting SPG Stay Credit For A Sister's Stay Booked Under My Account

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Here’s the question from the reader:

One question if you have clue. I have my 25th stay for SPG last year booked as an award stay in REMOVED sheraton. I didn’t manage to show up but did use mobile check in and check out.

The front desk is rude and refuse any plat benefits for sister. Understood. But they remove my SPG # from the bookings few times while I tried to add it back. Of course I don’t think I will make it to plat with 24 stay.

Do you think I stand any points to request for the credit as the redemption points is paid from my account?

This really is a tricky question and the official answer is no. You only get the night and stay credit if you are physically present at the hotel at some point (you don’t necessarily have to stay though) and settle the bill (if there is one) using your credit card.

If the reader got a folio of this stay that only shows his name, I believe that he has good chance getting it corrected after forwarding it to SPG. The property may have dropped his name altogether and corrected it with his sister. Then this might be an uphill battle. The reader could contact SPG and ask them to credit the stay to see what happens.


If this wouldn’t readers 25th stay that would make him a Platinum member, I personally wouldn’t try to get it credited because he wasn’t present. If SPG believes that there has been something fishy going on, the Program Services may do an audit of the account and “fix” things that they uncover.

The reader should have ensure that he had other stay lined up to make the 25 stay minimum required for the Platinum status. Would be very unfortunate to be this close and yet not to get it.

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