InterContinental Royal Ambassador Benefits Valid Through January 31, 2019?


IHG Rewards Club had a complete meltdown last week when they sent out InterContinental Royal Ambassador downgrade emails (read more here) those those that had been renewed and few hours later another email telling that the previous one had been sent in an error (read more here).

Royal Ambassador Renewal Email

I finally got hold on a real Royal Ambassador renewal email that I should have received that went to those whose status was in fact not extended to 2018. There appears to be interesting bit of information on that email, however.

You can access IHG’s web page for the Ambassador program here.

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The email clearly states that those that had their Royal Ambassador status extended this January should have it expire on January 31, 2019, that would make more sense.

Right now, the status theoretically expires at the end of year when IHG hasn’t even yet processed the Royal Ambassador extensions/downgrades. Many are hesitant to book their InterContinental stays for January not knowing if they have the Royal Ambassador status or not.

Royal Ambassador Renewal Email Card Expiry

Seems that whoever programs the membership card on the app is not aware of this new status expiry date. Mine still shows expiry as December 30, 2018. Let’s see what the card on the physical package shows.


IHG Rewards Club and Ambassador program couldn’t have screwed up the renewal & downgrade process of Royal Ambassador status worse than they did this year.

Those that were renewed received the downgrade email and those that were downgraded received the extension one. Not sure if the latter group received separate email telling about the IHG mistake or not.

Extending the Royal Ambassador status expiry until January 31st would make a lot sense. Some may have not had their stays properly post from late December while others may need to rely on manual count to get the status renewed in case of stays that didn’t post correctly in the first place (and IHG’s automated process has then skipped these in previous years).

Well. At least this mess gives me plenty of topics to write about (if that is something positive).

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