Taipei Is Again Part Of Taiwan Per Marriott


Marriott found itself in hot water last week in China (read more here) when in questionnaire Tibet was own country among Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and when Marriott employee had liked a somewhat separatist Tweet.

Marriott Taipei Taiwan China

Chinese forced Marriott to take down its local website and app for a week for “maintenance” and Sorenson, CEO of Marriott, issued a statement backing the territorial integrity of China.

You can access Marriott here.

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Somehow Marriott’s app had Taipei as China (theoretically it is Republic of China but Taiwan is the name that is commonly used). Marriott has now corrected this to Taiwan.


The piece that I wrote last week got quite a few comments some blaming me for being arrogant and misinformed.

All I know is that Taiwan is a democratic country where people have freedoms and can choose their leaders while China is “communist” (in name only) and government tightly controls the flow of information.

China has come a long way in the past 50 years. Cannot see how little bit of democracy and individual freedoms wouldn’t make the country stronger in the longer term.

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