Turkish Airlines 15% Discount For Using The Mobile App (If It Works) For Economy & Business Class Tickets Until 20th Jan 2018


Turkish Airlines is currently running a promotion offering a 15% Discount for bookings through Mobile App however it seems that the application has some technical issues at the moment.

The discount is valid for both Economy and Business Class Tickets (one way as well as round trip) and valid until 20th January 2018.

Turkish Airlines has some very good business class fares to begin with (depending on the city pair) but the extra 15% discount made me think that I might want to try them again, especially since they now use a A330 wide body aircraft between Istanbul and Frankfurt.

You can access their promotional page here.

It sounded straight forward from their Terms & Conditions so I went ahead and downloaded their application to have a look.

Unfortunately the furthest I get on their app is the date selection:

The ‘Done’ button is unresponsive and this is pretty much the last step available on the app’s flight booking function. Too bad!


I wish that all these travel providers had a bit more quality control related to their IT services but especially Turkish Airlines isn’t really famous for having a reliable website or application for that matter.

If you can get it to work then the 15% might be a nice discount in case you’re able to find a decent fare on TK for your desired city pair.

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