Fabulous Fridays: Starhub Happy Prepaid SIM Card From Singapore For Asia Travel (Good Data Roaming)


Sebastian wrote few weeks back about SIM card from Thailand that he had purchased for a trip to China (read more here) that was allowing reasonable priced roaming around Asia.

Fabulous Fridays Starhub Roaming

A reader dropped me an email about Starhub SIM card from Singapore called Happy Prepaid and suggested that I write about it. By coincidence, I had already been using this product for a while and it had been on my ever increasing to-write about list.

You can access Starhub here.

The beauty of this product is that it allows data roaming using Singapore rates at number of countries including UK and US:

Fabulous Fridays Starhub Roaming Countries

They have list of networks used at each country:

Fabulous Fridays Starhub Roaming Instructions

Happy Prepaid app allows easy purchase of various plans:

Fabulous Fridays Starhub Roaming Plans

And you can top up using international credit cards:

Fabulous Fridays Starhub Roaming Top Up

There are some other plans too:

Fabulous Fridays Starhub Roaming Other Plans


The only issue I have had with this SIM is that it allows roaming in other countries too and if I recall correctly using one of those mobile access points that have been installed inside airplanes. They can deplete any balance you have instantaneously unless you disable the mobile data.

As I travel with two mobile phones and have Google Fi on my “work phone”, I have used this Starhub in few countries including China. The data is very reasonably priced and the purchased credits valid for a long time. It is good way to get around the Chinese “firewall” too.

If you are traveling to Singapore or transiting there, it could be worthwhile picking one of these up rather than buying SIM card for every country you might visit in Asia.

I am glad that there are more reasonably priced roaming solutions that don’t force us to purchase new SIM card for each and every country.

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