Latest Twist On The InterContinental Royal Ambassador Renewal Saga

IHG Rewards Club had a major issue this year renewing and downgrading Royal Ambassador members that we have covered in detail here in LoyaltyLobby.

Royal Ambassador Renewal Email

Members whose status was renewed were first sent an email that they hadn’t stayed enough and they would be demoted to Spire Ambassadors (read more here). Shortly after, InterContinental sent an email that this was done in an error (read more here) and then IHG sent an email that Royal Ambassador status was renewed for those that were being downgraded (read more here).

You can access IHG’s web page for the Ambassador program here.

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So, here’s the latest twist. Members that were Royal Ambassadors last year and received the renewal email but whose status were downgraded to Spire Ambassadors, likely can get their Royal Ambassador status back by simply forwarding their emails to Ambassador service center.

Some members have had their status automatically upgraded to back Royal Ambassador after two week lapse. If yours wasn’t, forward the email to


Seems that there are MORE Royal Ambassador members this year than in 2017! Those that were invited and renewed based on their spend in 2017 and members that were “downgraded” but who were sent the renewal email in error.

IHG has never corrected the email that was sent in error to those members that hadn’t really qualified as they did for those that had.

So, if you got that downgrade email and your status still isn’t Royal Ambassador, get that email to Ambassador service center now!