Seoul Incheon Airport Terminal 2 Now Open For All Flights Operated By Korean Air/Air France/Delta Airlines/KLM

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The new Terminal 2 at Seoul’s Incheon International Airport has opened on January 18th and will from now on handle all flights operated by Korean Air, Air France, Delta Airlines and KLM.

Codeshare flights not actually operated by the listed airlines as well as all other carriers continue to operate from Terminal 1 and passengers are advised to double check their flight information.b

With the opening of the new terminal 2 the flow of passengers inside terminal 1 should become much easier as taking home carrier Korean Air into another facility will take a huge burden off the big terminal where huge lines for security checks and immigration are more the rule rather than the exception.

Terminal 2 opened three days ago and as per the reports everything went pretty smooth while switching over the flights. It will house the operations for Korean Air, Air France, Delta Airlines and KLM yet other airlines including those of the other SkyTeam airlines will still be handled inside Terminal 1 which is rather strange as it complicates transfers between flights.

Korean Air reminds passengers to check their flight details and observe the new directions to reach the terminal correctly:

You can access the ICN Airport website here to receive additional information about the new terminal.

From the Transit Information graphics it appears that there is an underground train available for passengers to transit between the two terminals:

Incheon Airport is already pretty big and I’m curious about the new terminal, especially the immigration and security check facilities, both of which can test the patience of travelers right now especially during peak times.


The current ICN Terminal 1 is a very modern airport terminal that has received many awards for their terminal design and functionality but as so often the volume of air traffic outgrew the airport very quickly.

Separating the two local flag carriers Asiana which continues to operate from T1 and Korean Air now from T2 should result in a decent spread of passengers and ease the passenger flow. Let’s see for how long. One of my primary grievances with ICN Airport is the lack of a priority lane for Business Class or Elite Passengers unless the airline hands you a fast lane pass which is usually for passengers needing assistance.

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