Siege At The InterContinental Hotel In Kabul (Afghanistan) – Now Ended

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Seems that there has been very unfortunate event at the InterContinental hotel in Kabul (Afghanistan) where gunmen had attacked the hotel and set the upper floors on fire.

Kabul IC

Media is reporting that there are at least six civilians dead and more injured in the attacks that are still on-going at the time of writing this. Update: Afghan security forces have now secured the hotel.

You can access InterContinental Kabul’s website here.

Here’s an excerpt from the BBC (access the piece here):

A 12-hour siege of a luxury hotel by gunmen in the Afghan capital has come to an end, security forces say.

Six civilians, including a foreign woman, died at the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul, along with three attackers, the interior ministry said.

Some 160 people were rescued after Afghan troops fought through the night to regain control of the building.

But some reports suggested gunfire had continued for some time after the authorities declared the siege over.

Afghan news agency Tolo says the death toll could be higher than the official figure, quoting a reporter who said they had seen dozens of bodies inside the hotel.

The Intercontinental is a state-owned hotel which often hosts weddings, conferences and political gatherings.


This InterContinental hotel has been part of IHG or predecessor at some point based on the logo used but has nothing to do with the brand or IHG at this time. I guess that the Afghan government has decided not to reflag the property and use some other name that is perhaps not as internationally recognized.

I had a chat with a Afghan Uber driver with my recent trip to London about my plans to visit the country at some point in time. The situation in Kabul was supposedly calmed down recently but seems that there are still issues with security.

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