SAS Drops Complimentary Bag Elite Benefit On Go Light Fares Effective May 7, 2018


SAS has been selling for years Go Light fares for short-haul flights that don’t include any checked baggage allowance. The Go Light-fares are expanding to other markets too.


SAS has allowed EuroBonus Elite (Silver, Gold and Diamond) and Star Alliance Gold members to check a bag on these Go Light-fares that is coming to an end effective May 7, 2018.

You can access SAS’ page for this announcement here:

SAS Text

For passengers with Go Light tickets there is a fee for adding a checked-in baggage. The same rule will now also apply for all EuroBonus members, while SAS is removing the baggage benefit for EuroBonus Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Star Alliance Gold members, while traveling in Go Light. The change concerns all Go Light tickets with departures from the 7th of May 2018.

Affected EuroBonus members* who have already booked Go Light tickets before 25th January for departures from the 7th of May, will get the baggage fee waived**.

*The change in baggage allowance affects EuroBonus Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Star Alliance Gold members, who have have earlier had the benefit of 1-2 free checked-in baggage. For SAS Go, Plus & Business these benefits remain.

**In the case the baggage within the benefits will be is charged at the airport (valid only if you booked before 25th Jan with departure from 7 May), a refund of the amount can be made through contacting SAS Customer Care at via the feedback form.

Travelers outside Scandinavia can read further about the EuroBonus benefits here


It is really unfortunate that SAS feels that they must take this action and remove one of the benefits of being an elite with EuroBonus or another Star Alliance airline.

Lufthansa started this nonsense few years back and Air New Zealand then followed. TAP may have something similar going on too (they used to allow free checked bag for Star Golds when I last time flew with them).

Just weird that SAS’ biggest competitor in the Nordics Norwegian allows their elites to check a bag free and now this legacy carrier won’t.

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