Whine Wednesdays: Work Desk Design Disasters Case JW Marriott Singapore South Beach


This week the Whine Wednesday deals with an issue that is unfortunately spreading or some would say disappearing even from some full service hotels: work desks!

Whine Wednesdays Work Desk Design Disasters

A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me a photo about very dysfunctional work desk/television combo that Marriott has at their JW Marriott South Beach property in Singapore.

You can access JW Marriott Singapore South Beach’s website here.

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Who would think that this is a good idea? The TV is right in front of your face if you actually work on that desk. The stainless-steel chair looks like it was picked up from IKEA, Walmart or from some 90% off clearance sale.  The reader commented that the chair was frigid to sit on and felt like he was in a hospital or medical clinic.

An utter disgrace to have something like this at a hotel that caters to business travelers.


Hotels are slowly moving away from having work desks at all claiming that “millennials” don’t like or need them.

I don’t believe that this is the real reason at all. Hotels would like to shrink the size of the rooms and these desk take space.

Where am I supposed to work inside the hotel room if not at the desk? You can briefly consume content on the bed but it is not the place to work for any serious period of time. Sure, you can spend some time in the common area but those don’t usually work well for me either.

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