Hyatt Getting Desperate? Now Gives Retroactive Credit For Award Nights Consumed In 2017


Hyatt made an announcement earlier this month (read more here) that award stays going forward would be eligible nights towards status qualification within World of Hyatt like other programs had already had for years.


Yesterday, Hyatt started to email program members with their Elite Choice options after adding unannounced the award consumed in 2017 to last year’s numbers.

You can access Hyatt’s website here.


Seems that Hyatt has become desperate. The entire World of Hyatt launch with the laughable tier names has been a complete disaster from the start.

They must must have been short on number of elites for 2018 after many dropped the chain due to changed qualification requirements and decided to retroactively bump up some. Anyone who thinks that they did this for just being generous is mistaken.

I have been top tier with Hyatt since early 2000’s when Hyatt had bit more than 100 hotels. Made the decision like many others to drop the chain after the changes were announced and haven’t looked back.

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