InterContinental Ambassador Renewal Price Up Using Points From 24,000 To 40,000 & Check Your IHG Email!


Earlier this week (access here), I wrote about price increase when signing up for InterContinental Ambassador membership using points instead of cash that had gone up from 32,000 points to 40,000.

IHG Rewards Club InterContinental Ambassador

What I didn’t know at the time was that the renewal price using points is now the same as signing up for the new membership. Previously, the renewing using points was 24,000 or $150 versus 32,000 or $200 for new membership. The cash prices haven’t changed.

You can access InterContinental Ambassador program here.

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IHG Rewards Club and Ambassador program have been sending out reminders members to renew their membership at the old rates. You should dig into your email account and have a look.

Here’s message that we received from one of our readers:

T&C of January Ambassador eStatement, received on Jan 10, had “Renewal price of $150 USD or 24,000 IHG® Rewards Club points is valid until your membership expiration date.” My expiration date is Jan 31. I called and spoke to a supervisor on this, she offered to credit my account with 16k point and then extended my ambassador membership with 40k points.


IHG Rewards Club and Ambassador program should have given an advance notice about this price change using points so that members could have had better opportunity to plan in advance.

It’s like someone just changed the price using points and not taking into account any member communications that had been sent out.

So, if you got one of those renewal reminders at the 24,000 points price and would like to renew at that level, call the Ambassador Service Center. I would assume that they would do exactly the same as they did for the reader above. They just credit the 16,000 points and withdraw the 40,000 “full” price.

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