Marriott Valet In Florida Gave Ferrari Keys To Unrelated Party


You would think that a valet working at Marriott affiliated hotel would pay some attention when they hand out $300,000 Ferrari keys but that was not the case this past July at Vinoy Renaissance in Florida.

Vinoy Renaissance

The Ferrari owner, a lawyer, was attending an event held at the Renaissance and has now sued the hotel, Marriott International and the parking operator for gross negligence. The man who took the Ferrari claims that he didn’t steal it because the valet gave the keys.

You can access Vinoy Renaissance’s website here.

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Here’s an excerpt from Tampa Bay Times (access the piece here):

The valet told police it got really busy at midnight. Then a man, accompanied by a woman, asked for the keys to the Ferrari.

The man “seemed to be impatient” and “demanding,” the police report said. He told the valet the ticket was inside the car and that he would bring it back.

He didn’t. Instead, the two sat in the Ferrari for “quite a while.”

The valet, police said, stopped paying attention after he “figured he was not getting a tip.”

Eventually, the Ferrari drove off.


See. The valet’s attention span lasted until he realized that he wasn’t getting a tip and then he just moved on. And the tip is for what exactly?

Many hotels have outsourced their garages and valet services trying to limit their liability in cases such as this. Bad luck in hotel’s case that the person whose Ferrari they gave out was a lawyer.

You might ask why would he sue when the car was returned back few hours later? Well. There is now always a mark on the car’s history that it was stolen reducing the residual value significantly. The young man didn’t know how to drive a manual car and likely caused damage and we all know how expensive those original parts are to replace.

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