Fabulous Fridays: Spacious Storage Lockers Available At Airports & Public Places


Our Fabulous Friday this time around is about the availability of storage lockers that seem to make a comeback in more and more public places nowadays.

Several facilities have popped up over the last 6-12 months at locations where I’ve never seen them before and many of them are computer automated, accepting credit cards as well.

After 9/11 and with the wave of security measures in many parts of the world, public lockers became quite scarce and it can be hard to find them even today, especially in North America.

While Japan always kept their coin operated lockers in place and many train stations in Germany offered them as well over the years there is now a wave of new such machines.

Over the past half year or so I discovered automated lockers such as the one pictured above at Kuala Lumpur Sentral station where you can pay with your credit card as well.

This one was especially modern since it required 3 images of the users face. I didn’t try it but wonder if those are used to actually open up the locker per facial recognition. I could see a few things going wrong with that but unfortunately there was no way of proceeding further and try it out without paying for it.

The good thing about such lockers is that you can store your suitcases and other belongings elsewhere than your hotel concierge which might be far away from where you actually need your items to be kept.

When I stayed in Tokyo last month my hotel was in Shinjuku but with the checkout being 4:00pm and the last Narita Express to the airport being past 7:00pm I decided to spend the afternoon in Shibuya and stored my bags there at a coin locker (600 JPY for a large one that fit my carry-on). It saved unnecessary hassle and waste of time going back to the hotel.


Check-in/out times of both hotels and flights can put limitations on what you can do with your day if you got luggage to haul around and maybe a handful times per year I utilize such storage facilities. Somtimes I get away with storing it at a nearby hotel but usually the porters verify if you’re actually a guest at the hotel.

In Bangkok they also started to rack up computerized lockers including some at the Asoke BTS/MRT station next to Terminal 21 shopping mall.