Lufthansa’s New Livery Revealed And Two Aircraft (B747 & A321) Will Go On Europe Wide Showcase


There were rumors and leaked photos about Lufthansa’s new blue/white livery and the airline has now finally come forward with confirmations as well as an announcement of official showcase flights.

Two aircraft (a B747 & a A321) will go on a tour around Europe and Germany with some operating regular flights and donning the new livery for all to see.

With the change in livery Lufthansa departs from it’s signature ‘Lufthansa Yellow’ which has been synonymous with the German carrier for decades.

There was also an article in the Deutsche Welle about this change (access here).

The first images of a new livery for Lufthansa, Germany’s biggest airline and one of Europe’s largest carriers, appeared online on Thursday.

Passengers saw the images rendered on a Boeing 747-8 in the new edition of the airline’s onboard flight magazine and on the website.

Aviation journalist Andreas Spaeth posted a picture of Lufthansa group chief executive Carsten Spohr holding a computer image of the new look commenting “repainting 330 aircraft takes eight years” and “40 aircraft will have blue fins at the end of the year.” …

The new look drops the gray from the underside and engines and the yellow circle behind the company’s 100-year-old crane logo on the tail for a purely blue-and-white exterior.

The company is set to release full details of the new design on February 7 at an event in Frankfurt called #ExploreTheNew.

In addition to that Lufthansa tweeted about the tour they’re planning to show off the new design:


The change of livery and corporate identity is always a big step for such brand with global recognition. There was nothing wrong with the old livery but I guess management must have felt it’s time for a change though I’m more for the “Don’t fix what isn’t broken” principle. Same like the new Rimowa logo which replaces a well established and recognized symbol.

Aviation enthusiasts and plane spotters are also not sure what to make of it, some love it some hate it and others simply don’t care.