Aegean Institutes Economy Seating Charges Effective February 12, 2018


Aegean, Greek based Star Alliance airline, has instituted seating charges for tickets issued on/after February 1 and flown on/after February 12, 2018.


Only seats after the exit rows are complimentary even for Miles+Bonus Gold members. Miles+Bonus Gold members get 50% discount from “Up Front Seats” but nothing from exit row ones.

You can access Aegean’s web page for seating charges here.

Here’s the pricing matrix:

Aegean Institutes Economy Seating Charges Effective February 12, 2018

Exit row seats cost up to 22 euros per segment and “Up Front Seats” that are basic economy seats but between the Business Class cabin and exit row up to 16 euros per segment. Standard seats are complimentary for all passengers.


Many airlines have instituted seating charges some more successfully than others. I have paid these only handful of times when flying on LCC’s. Last time on Transavia from Reykjavik to Paris where I felt that exit row was really needed.

I would assume that very few passengers are willing to pay for these seats and those that don’t have assigned seating will get the exit row and “Up Front Seat” when checking in at the airport on the day of departure.

Wouldn’t surprise me if the next thing to go are the complimentary meals and beverages in economy class that Aegean still serves (unlike many other “full service” Europe airlines).

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