State Of Emergency Declared In Maldives – Travel Warnings Issued


President of Maldives, whose cabinet is in danger losing looming elections later in the year, has declared State of Emergency after highest court had ordered opposition politicians freed from prison.


State of Emergency is supposedly going to last for 15 days. Several countries have issued travel warnings for those wishing to travel this island nation that is heavily dependent of high end tourism.

The Times of India has good write up about the situation (access here) of which below is a short excerpt:

The president has defied a Supreme Court ruling ordering jailed opposition leaders to be freed, including Gayoom’s son Farish, an opposition lawmaker.

Yameen has ruled since 2013 but faces mounting pressure at home and from the United States and India to release former president Mohamed Nasheed from a 13-year jail sentence and free eight other opponents from prison.

China, the United States and India issued travel advisories for the Maldives, a country of 400,000 people best known as a beach paradise for tourists.

And here’s an excerpt from CNN (access their piece here):

The move, which gives President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom power to arrest and detain people, reflects a power struggle between the island nation’s Supreme Court and its government.

“During this time, though certain rights will be restricted, general movements, services and businesses will not be affected,” said a statement from the office of the President.

The court last week ordered the release of political prisoners and the reinstatement of elected members of Parliament that would give the opposition majority power. But President Yameen has rejected adhering to the court order.


Well. Something certainly is wrong if the only way for the president to stay in power is to jail all the opposition candidates and refuse the supreme court order to free them.

Some in the government had an idea few years back to make these resorts in Maldives “dry”. I thought that it was truly brilliant idea (not) to drive more business to the “island nation”…..

I have never been to fond of Maldives as a holiday destination. Too fake. You are basically “held hostage” on hotel controlled island and mostly served by employees from neighboring countries.