Caesars Total Rewards Status Match (Ended 30th September 2017) Targets Members To Extend Another Year By Applying For Credit Card

In September last year I wrote about a Total Rewards promotion offering a status match to their very solid Diamond level from competing tiers of other gaming loyalty schemes which I ended up doing.

The status has now expired but I got an email offer (targeted) saying I could extend the status for another full year by applying for their credit card which could be interesting for some regular Vegas travelers as the Diamond Status waives all resort fees.

I have utilized the Total Rewards Diamond status on two visits to Las Vegas after the status match for the associated benefits and free casino lounge access at the Caesars.

You can access my article from September about the status match here.

It was pretty useful and saved me a couple dollars over the week in resort fees alone (at least $38 per night) so I’m going to miss this card.

This is the offer that arrived in my email:

I can’t provide you with a link for this as this promo is specifically targeted but if you participated in this match and also dropped your status now maybe you want to go through your registered email to see if you got the same offer.

Mind you, there have been some restrictions implemented for Diamond Card holders which limit the lounge access severely (you now have to pay for each access with gaming credits = cash payment not possible).

The gaming folks from Travelzork had a good article about the new restrictions on Diamond (see their article here).

Unfortunately Caesars ended their partnership with Starwood SPG back in December of 2016, that was always a nice way to earn some extra stay credit.


I don’t expect to be in Vegas more than twice this year and I’m still MGM Noir which lead me to the decision that I won’t burn a credit card application (Chase 5/24 rule coming to mind) just to secure TR Diamond for another year, especially with the new lounge access restrictions in place. I know some of our readers are Vegas regulars for work or pleasure and might be able to save big on resort fees so that might be a worthwhile effort if one can utilize this offer.