Compensation Clinic: Noise Issues At The Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Our Compensation Clinic this week makes a stop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where a reader stayed at the Renaissance Hotels which apparently was quite a noisy experience.

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Noisy hotels are clearly annoying and there are always some things happening at a property that causes certain disruptions such as construction, noisy guests or simply a bad sound insulation of the structure itself.

This week our reader Gareth who stayed at the Renaissance Kuala Lumpur a few weeks ago forwarded us a case that pretty much left him sleepless and which isn’t about a huge compensation but rather to reflect on what can cause a problem for guests.

Here is the rundown:

Hi guys! Quick report after a Renaissance stay in KL, Malaysi.

I was upgraded to a suite after a 11pm late arrival. This older, established hotel was recently renovated, and guestrooms have single glazed windows.

I was surprised that even on a very high floor the echoes of motorbikes and loud cars sound like you are on the street. I went to sleep around 1230… after being constantly awoken. Gave up at 3am and offered me a twin room on the back of the property. I accepted, however I found that this room had a defective  toilet that ran and never quite filled and barely flushed.

Sounds rather terrible and I’ve had plenty of noise issues in the past as well. The last time I’ve stayed at the same hotel as the reader was in 2012 at which point it was certainly a bit rundown but I can’t remember much (if any) trouble with noise at all.

Gareth followed up via Facebook a day later:

Just talked to a manager here at Renaissance. Didn’t actively ask for any comp but he offered 5,000 Marriott Rewards points that already posted to my account.

5k are worth pretty much nothing, not even 2k SPG points. Apparently the reader was on a Platinum Challenge in KL and didn’t have the Platinum status posted to his account yet. Maybe as active Platinum a higher compensation would have been offered.


I suggest that if you’re sensitive about noise to notify the hotel in advance, either in the comments of the booking engine or during the check-in. That won’t help against things such as a defective toilet assuming they wouldn’t give out a room that knowingly has a broken flush but a knowledgeable check-in agent or duty manager should be able to make suggestions to ensure you get a good nights sleep. After all provoking guest complaints isn’t in their interest.

The compensation in this case is rather a consolation price than a real compensation for a ruined night. I guess the reader could have pushed it a little more for a full free nights worth of points but let’s keep in mind that this hotel is also pretty cheap to begin with and such hotels usually don’t issue tons of compensation or it would hurt their bottom line tremendously.