Iberia Valentine’s Day Promo: up to 50% Discount on Gift Cards

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Iberia jumps on the wagon of the Valentine’s day offers with a discount sale on their gift cards.

Discounted gift cards are on sale until February 14th for redemptions until February 28th.

You can access this promo here.

The promo website offers 5 gift card values with different discounts: 50 € (for 25 €, 50% off), 100 € (for 75 €, 25% off), 200 € (for 160 €, 20% off), 300 € (for 270 €, 10% off) and 500 € (for 475 €, 5% off).

It also offers the possibility to personalize the card:

When you continue to purchase, the terms and conditions of the offer appear:

How can I exchange my Gift Card?
Use your Gift Card when you book a flight on iberia.com. It can be used for full or partial payment of the plane ticket.

You can check the remaining balance of the card if you do not use it all in one purchase.

Gift Cards are not refundable. They can not be used for car rental or hotel reservation.

Terms of use
• Flights operated by Iberia and other subsidiaries (Iberia, Iberia Express and Iberia regional Air Nostrum)
• One-time use bonus.
• Bonus valid until February 28th.
• Flight period: Until December 31st.
• Blackout period: from June 1 to September 30.
• Only purchases from Spain
• Only payment in Euros, and reservation in euros.
• Not valid in conjunction with island residents and large family discounts.
• Can not be combined with Cash and Avios (Discount with Avios).

** Gift cards may be invalidated without notice if misuse or fraudulent use of discount vouchers is detected. Likewise, Iberia reserves the right to modify the general or specific conditions of each bonus at any time.


The promo does not have a purchase limit, and the only use restriction listed is that the gift card is of “one-time use”, which I interpret as no remaining balance stored for following purchases. There is a strong warning against misuse of the promo included on the terms and conditions though, so I’d guess someone should expect trouble for buying large amounts of 50% off gift cards.


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