Marriott eBreaks For February 15 – 18, 2018 (20% Off This Coming Weekend)

Marriott has a good number of properties on their weekly eBreaks list this week valid for stays this upcoming weekend (Thursday to Sunday).

Marriott Rewards eBreaks February 15 - 18 2018

These properties are usually in North America and the discount for booking the eBreaks offer should be around 20%.

You can access Marriott’s website for eBreaks here.

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Note that there is no page on for this rate type. I will, however, list all the properties here on LoyaltyLobby weekly with the Marriott provided headline eBreaks rates.

Thursday stays require a Friday night to be included and Sunday night stays require a Saturday night as well.  Marriott tries to prevent business travelers from taking advantage of this rate plan.



Calgary Airport Marriott In-Terminal Hotel  $151-$183 CAD/night
Calgary Marriott Downtown Hotel  $111-$175 CAD/night
Courtyard Calgary South  $127-$151 CAD/night
Delta Hotels Calgary Airport In-Terminal  $128-$136 CAD/night
Delta Hotels Calgary Downtown  $87-$215 CAD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Calgary Downtown  $87-$167 CAD/night
Residence Inn Calgary South  $143-$183 CAD/night

Newfoundland & Labrador
Courtyard St. John’s Newfoundland  $108-$115 CAD/night
Delta Hotels St. John’s Conference Centre  $128-$136 CAD/night

El Salvador

San Salvador
Courtyard San Salvador  $71-$87 USD/night

United States


Courtyard Decatur  $79-$87 USD/night
Huntsville Marriott  $103-$127 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Huntsville West/Research Park  $95-$119 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Huntsville  $73-$103 USD/night

Courtyard Mobile  $103 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Mobile  $91 USD/night
Residence Inn Mobile  $111-$123 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Mobile  $87-$103 USD/night


Fairfield Inn & Suites Anchorage Midtown  $71-$79 USD/night


Courtyard Thousand Oaks Ventura County  $111-$143 USD/night

Courtyard Sacramento Airport Natomas  $87-$119 USD/night
Courtyard Vacaville  $87-$103 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Rancho Cordova  $71-$87 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Sacramento Airport Natomas  $79-$87 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Sacramento Airport Woodland  $87-$95 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Sacramento Elk Grove  $103-$111 USD/night
Residence Inn Sacramento Airport Natomas  $95-$103 USD/night
Residence Inn Sacramento Cal Expo  $103 USD/night
Residence Inn Sacramento Downtown at Capitol Park  $143-$159 USD/night
Residence Inn Sacramento Rancho Cordova  $103-$127 USD/night


Courtyard Boulder  $111 USD/night
Renaissance Boulder Flatiron Hotel  $103-$175 USD/night

Denver Marriott South at Park Meadows  $92-$140 USD/night
Denver Marriott Westminster  $87-$151 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Denver Aurora/Parker  $79-$95 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Denver Northeast/Brighton  $95-$119 USD/night
Residence Inn Denver Downtown  $99-$131 USD/night
Residence Inn Denver Highlands Ranch  $79-$135 USD/night
Residence Inn Denver Tech Center  $99-$111 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Denver at Anschutz Medical Campus  $93-$127 USD/night
The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa, Autograph Collection  $159-$175 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Denver Southwest/Littleton  $87-$119 USD/night


Courtyard Hartford Farmington  $87-$119 USD/night
Residence Inn Southington  $95-$119 USD/night


Courtyard Macon  $83-$91 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Macon  $71 USD/night


Courtyard Boise Downtown  $131-$223 USD/night
Residence inn Boise Downtown/City Center  $135-$159 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Boise ParkCenter  $87-$135 USD/night


Multiple Cities
Fairfield Inn & Suites Twin Falls  $79-$87 USD/night
Residence Inn Idaho Falls  $71-$79 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Idaho Falls  $71-$79 USD/night


Chicago Marriott Naperville  $95-$111 USD/night
Chicago Marriott Schaumburg  $87 USD/night
Chicago Marriott Suites Deerfield  $71-$127 USD/night
Chicago Marriott Suites Downers Grove  $87-$111 USD/night
Courtyard Chicago Arlington Heights/South  $71-$87 USD/night
Courtyard Chicago Deerfield  $83-$103 USD/night
Courtyard Chicago Downtown/Magnificent Mile  $87-$127 USD/night
Courtyard Chicago Downtown/River North  $111-$135 USD/night
Courtyard Chicago Glenview/Northbrook  $79-$87 USD/night
Courtyard Chicago Highland Park/Northbrook  $87-$95 USD/night
Marriott Marquis Chicago  $119-$151 USD/night
Renaissance Chicago North Shore Hotel  $75-$103 USD/night
Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel  $103-$127 USD/night
Residence Inn Chicago Downtown/Loop  $95-$239 USD/night
Residence Inn Chicago Downtown/Magnificent Mile  $119-$175 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Chicago Elmhurst/Oakbrook Area  $79-$111 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Chicago Southwest at Burr Ridge/Hinsdale  $79-$115 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Chicago Naperville  $71-$95 USD/night


Multiple Cities
Courtyard Bettendorf Quad Cities  $63-$79 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Cedar Rapids  $79-$87 USD/night
Fairfield Inn Davenport  $63-$83 USD/night
Fairfield Inn Dubuque  $71-$87 USD/night
Fairfield Inn Sioux City  $84-$100 USD/night
Residence Inn Cedar Rapids  $95-$111 USD/night
Residence Inn Cedar Rapids South  $95-$119 USD/night
Residence Inn Davenport  $87 USD/night


Baton Rouge
Courtyard Baton Rouge Acadian Centre/LSU Area  $83-$87 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Baton Rouge North/Airport  $79-$87 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Baton Rouge South  $87 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Baton Rouge South  $83-$91 USD/night

Multiple Cities
Courtyard Alexandria  $75-$87 USD/night
Courtyard Houma  $79-$87 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Natchitoches  $87-$95 USD/night
Residence Inn Lafayette Airport  $95-$111 USD/night


Multiple Cities
Courtyard Salisbury  $60-$72 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Cumberland  $95-$103 USD/night
Residence Inn Salisbury  $96-$99 USD/night


Boston Marriott Peabody  $87-$119 USD/night
Courtyard Boston Andover  $91-$107 USD/night
Courtyard Boston Danvers  $87-$111 USD/night
Courtyard Boston Lowell/Chelmsford  $95-$131 USD/night
Courtyard Boston Waltham  $79-$143 USD/night
Courtyard Boston Woburn/Burlington  $71-$135 USD/night
Courtyard Boston-South Boston  $103-$127 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Boston Cambridge  $111 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Boston Milford  $79-$95 USD/night
Fairfield Inn Boston Dedham  $87-$95 USD/night
Fairfield Inn Boston Sudbury  $95-$103 USD/night
Renaissance Boston Patriot Place Hotel  $123-$143 USD/night
Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel  $127-$167 USD/night
Residence Inn Boston Concord  $75-$115 USD/night
Residence Inn Boston Harbor on Tudor Wharf  $167-$223 USD/night
Residence Inn Boston Westborough  $119-$143 USD/night
Residence Inn Boston Woburn  $87-$171 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Boston Andover  $107-$115 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Boston Logan Airport/Chelsea  $95 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Boston North Shore/Danvers  $87 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Boston Tewksbury/Andover  $71-$79 USD/night


Fairfield Inn Saginaw  $71-$83 USD/night
Residence Inn Midland  $111-$119 USD/night


Kansas City
AC Hotel Kansas City Westport  $115-$163 USD/night
Courtyard Kansas City Airport  $63-$91 USD/night
Courtyard Kansas City East/Blue Springs  $83-$99 USD/night
Courtyard Kansas City Overland Park/Metcalf, South of College Boulevard  $71-$87 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Kansas City North Near Worlds of Fun  $75-$87 USD/night
Fairfield Inn Kansas City Independence  $79-$83 USD/night
Kansas City Airport Marriott  $79-$119 USD/night
Kansas City Marriott Country Club Plaza  $127-$159 USD/night
Overland Park Marriott  $87-$143 USD/night
Residence Inn Kansas City Airport  $79-$99 USD/night
Residence Inn Kansas City Independence  $87 USD/night


Multiple Cities
Fairfield Inn Bozeman  $79-$87 USD/night
Fairfield Inn Great Falls  $75-$91 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Missoula  $71 USD/night


Courtyard Lincoln Downtown/Haymarket  $95-$111 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Lincoln Airport  $61-$77 USD/night
The Lincoln Marriott Cornhusker Hotel  $103 USD/night

New Hampshire

Fairfield Inn & Suites Portsmouth Exeter  $83-$95 USD/night

North Carolina

Courtyard Burlington  $111-$119 USD/night
Courtyard Greensboro  $91-$103 USD/night

Multiple Cities
Courtyard Rocky Mount  $95-$103 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Jacksonville  $67-$71 USD/night
Residence Inn Rocky Mount  $62-$111 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Lumberton  $87-$95 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Southern Pines Aberdeen  $95-$99 USD/night

Courtyard Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach  $71 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach  $67-$75 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Wilmington Mayfaire  $83-$99 USD/night


Courtyard Akron Fairlawn  $79-$87 USD/night
Courtyard Akron Stow  $75-$111 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Akron Fairlawn  $75-$99 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Akron South  $71-$79 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Akron Stow  $71-$91 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Canton South  $79-$87 USD/night
Residence Inn Akron Fairlawn  $95-$139 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Canton  $83-$91 USD/night

Cincinnati Airport Marriott  $87-$111 USD/night
Cincinnati Marriott Northeast  $63-$70 USD/night
Cincinnati Marriott at RiverCenter  $111-$127 USD/night
Courtyard Cincinnati Airport  $79-$95 USD/night
Kingsgate Marriott Conference Center at the University of Cincinnati  $151-$167 USD/night
Residence Inn Cincinnati Airport  $87-$103 USD/night

Multiple Cities
Fairfield Inn & Suites Cambridge  $74-$82 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Findlay  $79-$95 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Marietta  $71-$95 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Medina  $87-$95 USD/night
Fairfield Inn Middletown  $67-$79 USD/night
Fairfield Inn Richmond  $79-$103 USD/night

Courtyard Toledo Airport Holland  $79-$95 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Toledo Maumee  $79-$95 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Toledo North  $71-$79 USD/night


Courtyard Tulsa Downtown  $95-$139 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Tulsa Southeast/Crossroads Village  $55-$59 USD/night
Marriott Tulsa Hotel Southern Hills  $103 USD/night
Renaissance Tulsa Hotel & Convention Center  $87-$99 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Tulsa at Tulsa Hills  $79-$95 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Tulsa North/Owasso  $71 USD/night


Courtyard Harrisburg Hershey  $111-$129 USD/night
Courtyard York  $119-$131 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Carlisle  $87-$99 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Harrisburg Hershey  $119-$139 USD/night
Residence Inn Harrisburg Carlisle  $87-$111 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Hershey Near the Park  $159-$175 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Harrisburg Hershey  $107-$115 USD/night

Courtyard Philadelphia Airport  $107 USD/night
Courtyard Philadelphia City Avenue  $119-$139 USD/night
Courtyard Philadelphia Coatesville/Exton  $99-$119 USD/night
Courtyard Philadelphia Devon  $87-$135 USD/night
Courtyard Philadelphia Great Valley/Malvern  $87-$159 USD/night
Courtyard Philadelphia Montgomeryville  $111-$119 USD/night
Courtyard Philadelphia South at The Navy Yard  $135-$159 USD/night
Courtyard Philadelphia Valley Forge/Collegeville  $95-$119 USD/night
Courtyard Philadelphia Valley Forge/King of Prussia  $79-$119 USD/night
Philadelphia Airport Marriott  $111-$135 USD/night
Renaissance Philadelphia Airport Hotel  $95-$111 USD/night
Residence Inn Philadelphia Conshohocken  $103-$135 USD/night
Residence Inn Philadelphia Great Valley/Malvern  $91-$143 USD/night
Residence Inn Philadelphia Langhorne  $111-$135 USD/night
Residence Inn Philadelphia Montgomeryville  $111-$119 USD/night
Residence Inn Philadelphia Valley Forge  $95-$119 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Philadelphia Horsham  $87-$103 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Swedesboro Philadelphia  $111-$119 USD/night

South Carolina

Myrtle Beach
Fairfield Inn Myrtle Beach Broadway at the Beach  $107-$119 USD/night


Multiple Cities
Courtyard Jackson  $87-$95 USD/night
Courtyard Johnson City  $79-$99 USD/night


El Paso
Courtyard El Paso East/I-10  $83-$119 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites El Paso  $67-$79 USD/night

Courtyard Houston Hobby Airport  $75-$95 USD/night
Courtyard Houston I-10 West/Energy Corridor  $67-$119 USD/night
Courtyard Houston Katy Mills  $91-$111 USD/night
Courtyard Houston Kingwood  $87-$107 USD/night
Courtyard Houston Northwest/Cypress  $87-$99 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Houston I-10 West/Energy Corridor  $79-$91 USD/night
Houston Airport Marriott at George Bush Intercontinental  $127-$207 USD/night
Houston Marriott Westchase  $87-$126 USD/night
Residence Inn Houston Katy Mills  $99-$127 USD/night
Residence Inn Houston Pasadena  $111-$167 USD/night
Residence Inn Houston West/Beltway 8 at Clay Road  $79-$135 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Houston Baytown  $87-$111 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Houston Brookhollow  $63-$99 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Houston I-10 West/Energy Corridor  $71-$95 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Houston Katy Mills  $79-$87 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Houston Central/Northwest Freeway  $67-$83 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Houston I-10 West/Energy Corridor  $67-$91 USD/night

Casa De Palmas Renaissance McAllen Hotel  $79-$103 USD/night
Courtyard McAllen Airport  $63-$87 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites McAllen Airport  $63 USD/night
Residence Inn McAllen  $71-$119 USD/night
SpringHill Suites McAllen  $71-$79 USD/night


Richmond Marriott Short Pump  $87-$119 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Richmond Virginia Center  $79-$95 USD/night


Courtyard Seattle Bellevue/Downtown  $79-$135 USD/night
Courtyard Seattle Bellevue/Redmond  $79-$127 USD/night
Courtyard Seattle Downtown/Pioneer Square  $103-$127 USD/night
Courtyard Seattle North/Lynnwood Everett  $87-$95 USD/night
Courtyard Seattle Sea-Tac Area  $79-$87 USD/night
Renaissance Seattle Hotel  $111-$151 USD/night
Residence Inn Seattle East/Redmond  $87-$127 USD/night
Residence Inn Seattle University District  $127 USD/night
Seattle Marriott Bellevue  $90-$164 USD/night
Seattle Marriott Redmond  $87-$135 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Seattle Issaquah  $87-$143 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Seattle Everett/Mukilteo  $87-$91 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Seattle South/Renton  $79-$95 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Seattle Southcenter  $95 USD/night


Courtyard Milwaukee Airport  $79-$103 USD/night
Courtyard Milwaukee Brookfield  $71-$103 USD/night
Courtyard Milwaukee North/Brown Deer  $103-$119 USD/night
Fairfield Inn Racine  $71-$103 USD/night
Milwaukee Marriott West  $87-$135 USD/night
Residence Inn Milwaukee Downtown  $119-$295 USD/night


Multiple Cities
Courtyard Casper  $71-$79 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Cheyenne Southwest/Downtown Area  $79-$95 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Sheridan  $71-$75 USD/night
Residence Inn Casper  $95-$103 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Cheyenne Southwest/Downtown Area  $87-$91 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Gillette  $63-$75 USD/night


You should always check other discount rates such as AAA and AARP if eligible as well.

Here are the terms and conditions of this rate plan:

  • Rates are per night. Thursday requires a Friday night stay. Sunday requires a Saturday night stay.
  • Rates are valid for dates specified in email at advertised hotels only.
  • eBreaks rates are exclusive to customers who subscribe to the eBreaks program. Therefore, these rates do not qualify for Marriott’s Look No further Best Rates Guarantee.
  • A limited number of rooms are available and will be sold on a first-come, first served basis.
  • Advance bookings are required and must be guaranteed with a credit card.
  • Rates are offered Thursday through Sunday Some hotels only offer eBreaks rates Friday- Sunday. These hotels indicated with an asterisk ( * ) next to rates.
  • Rates are standard room, per night and based on single are double occupancy.
  • Rates are non-commissionable and not include taxes, fees, or other costs or gratuities.
  • Rates cannot be used in conjunction with other offers and/ or discounts.
  • Does not apply to groups of 10 or more rooms.
  • Canadian cities are quoted in Canadian dollars and US cites are quoted in US dollars. All other destinations are quoted in currency listed.