Club Carlson Changes To Radisson Rewards


Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group will change its name on March 5, 2018, to Radisson Hotel Group and Club Carlson loyalty program is retired and Radisson Rewards launched.

Club Carlson

The name change is due to the fact that the Carlson family has no longer nothing to do with the hotel group after selling it to the Chinese HNA Group back in 2016.

Here’s an excerpt from Hotel New Now (access their piece here):

The Carlson brand is going away to try to take advantage of the core Radisson brand’s equity among consumers and developers, and because the founding family is no longer running the company having sold in late 2016 to China’s HNA Group.

That brand equity has been admittedly tarnished over the past 10 or more years and the new leadership group is taking bolder steps to reposition the organization.

It appears a bigger company initiative will focus on customer-facing marketing activities, including a newly defined digital strategy to increase direct on-line sales, a re-defined pricing strategy and a greater emphasis on yield management. Rezidor said the company will launch a new multi-brand site, mobile/ app across theaters.


They certainly have an uphill battle trying to revitalize the Radisson brand that they now seem to push instead of Carlson.

It is interesting to see if this is merely going to be a name change from Club Carlson to Radisson Rewards or if there will be program revamp as well. We will now more on March 5, 2018.