Alaska Airlines MileagePlan Award Booking Changes For Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines & Hainan Airlines


Alaska Airlines got itself into hot water with frequent flier community earlier this week by limiting Cathay Pacific and Japan Airlines awards to be made minimum of three days before intended travel.

Alaska Plane

This same rule had been instituted to Hainan Airlines flights earlier. In typical Alaska Airlines manner, these changed were not communicated at all. Alaska Airlines was claiming that rampant fraud was behind this move.

Then starting yesterday, this three day rule was revised to apply only intra-Asia awards on these airlines.


If this “fraud” issue was only prevalent for intra-Asia awards on these three airlines, why the three day ban was applied to network wide? Why Alaska Airlines communication to MileagePlan members is always so bad that they can never get their word out timely?

MileagePlan is good yet erratic program. Seems that they make plans on the fly. The Emirates burning rates were changed overnight without any advance warning (read more here). I guess that eventually this same shock will happen with other with other partner awards too. Finnair flights were supposed to become bookable as awards in 2017 (what year is it already?)……