Delta Airlines Employee Has A Meltdown And Curses At Customer, Captured Video Goes Viral


A Delta Airlines employee at Portland Airport (PDX) felt compelled to lash out at a customer in pretty graphic language when he tried to collect a delayed suitcase at the airport.

As so often in the most unfortunate moments these days a cellphone camera was quickly rolling and recorded the entire incident which was then uploaded on Youtube and Facebook going viral within hours.

Customer service is a tough job, especially in the aviation industry that is more often than not plagued by delays, cancellations and other problems causing trouble for all parties involved.

Local NBC affilicate KGW8 ran with story as well once it broke and the material turned up (access here).

Delta Air Lines apologized to a customer after video surfaced of one of its employees at Portland International Airport cursing at him when he tried to collect his luggage.

The traveler, 37-year-old Ruhul Amin from Honolulu, said his Delta flight from Honolulu to Portland was delayed twice on February 11 before he was eventually placed on a Hawaiian Airlines flight. Amin said his luggage, however, was checked in early and stored on a Delta flight to Portland.

When Amin went to pick up his luggage from Delta in Portland at about 10 p.m., he said he was treated rudely by a Delta employee when he tried to explain what had happened. Amin recorded the conversation and posted the video to Facebook and YouTube, which shows a Delta employee cursing at Amin.

You can access the video here on Youtube.

What does Delta have to say about this demonstration of customer service skills by their employee?

They said they have looked into the matter and though they’re unable to disclose any information about the employee, they said he has been suspended. They also said they were planning to follow up with the employee.

“The actions displayed by this employee do not in any way reflect the standard of customer service and professionalism we expect from our employees,” Delta Airlines said in a statement. “This conduct is unacceptable and we have reached out directly to the customer and apologized.”

Amin told KGW that a Delta Airlines spokesperson called him Monday to apologize and offer a $200 voucher.


Such situations are terrible for companies whose image relies largely on their performance and reputation of how well customers are treated. There is no excuse to be made for an employee to approach an already inconvenienced customer this way, especially if said individual has been courteous and did nothing to provoke such a response.

No doubt there are plenty of situations when tempers go overboard and shouting matches occur. This doesn’t appear to be such an incident and Delta reacted by suspending the employee for the time being as well as compensating the customer. Though I find the $200 pretty low considering the waves this case made and the fact that the customer already has an issue on hand that warranted compensation to begin with.