Fabulous Fridays: Complimentary Contraceptives At Hilton Copacabana (During Carnival)


This week Fabulous Fridays deals with quite a serious issues that is preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS by providing complimentary contraceptives.

Fabulous Fridays Free Contraceptives

I arrived in Rio last week for the carnival and stayed at the JW Marriott (couldn’t find the packet above from there). Decided to give the Hilton Copacabana another chance after walking out there last year and found the contraceptives package from the closet.

You can access Hilton Copacabana’s website here.

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It is very good idea to distribute these kits during the carnival and would have been good idea perhaps to display them more predominantly than inside the closet.

Access to complimentary contraceptives likely leads to higher rates of usage. I would assume that these were distributed to area hotels free of charge to place inside the guest rooms.

You quite often find intimacy kits inside minibars at many hotels, although this Hilton didn’t have.

This was my first time in Rio during the carnival (previously I have flown out just before), although I have attended twice in Salvador da Bahia.