Qatar Airways Weekend Visa Sale Offers Discount Of Up To 50%, Book Until February 18, 2018


Qatar Airways has come up with a new worldwide promotion for Visa Cardholders that advertises up to 40% discount on tickets booked this weekend (fine print even mentions 50%).

The promotion is valid for worldwide departure with only a few blackout dates, however checking availability for various destinations I wasn’t able to find any discount even close to the advertised 40%.

Promotions that come with the “up to” addition are always somewhat fishy because rarely do they keep the promises made in their advertisement.

You can access the promotional website of Qatar Airways here.

These are the main conditions of this promotion:


  • Offer is valid on Qatar Airways operated flights for Visa cardholders only. Purchases can only be made through by entering the promotional code “VISAWKD” at the time of booking.
  • Sales period: 16 February 2018 until 18 February 2018.
  • Travel period: 16 February 2018 until 10 December 2018. All travel must be completed by 10 December 2018.
  • Blackout dates (dates when discounts do not apply): 11 August 2018 until 3 September 2018 for travel in Economy Class.
  • Blackout dates (dates when discounts do not apply): 9 June 2018 until 10 September 2018 for travel in Premium Class.
  • Additional blackout dates apply in some countries. Please review at the time of booking.
  • Country exclusions include flights booked on to and from: Sudan, Iran, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt.
  • Discount applies to Economy and Premium Class return tickets. For flights where Business Class is not operated, First Class is applicable.
  • Discount does not apply to taxes, surcharges or any other standard market surcharges.
  • Seats are limited and are subject to availability on the relevant booking class: W for Economy, R for Business and A for First Class travel intra Middle East^ and Middle East^ to/from Africa.”

I searched around for a flight to Germany and had various issues with that. For one I found very good rates between Bangkok and Munich as well as Frankfurt (none to Berlin) but the price disappeared short after and is now no longer displayed.

Then I looked for the difference in price when I enter the promotion code and when I conduct the search without it.

This is the result with the code VISAWKD :

Then the same search without the code:

The difference in price when using the Visa Weekend code that is advertised with ‘up to 50% off’ is 4,400 THB is 4,400 THB or 5% of the total. Apparently someone dropped a zero from the advertised percentage along the way.

Also, the promotion was initially displayed on every countries QR front page this afternoon and now it is gone again (you can access it with the link above or simply quote the promotion code in the required field). The image as used above also shows 40% discount while the promotional text and fine print mentions 50%. I wonder what’s going on there!?


Maybe there will be adjustments to the discounts over the day but neither the Economy Class or the Business Class fares I looked at showed significant discounts as of now. Certainly not enough that would persuade me to book the trip with Qatar Airways instead of another provider.

I really don’t like dishonest promotions and even though they say upfront that the discount is ‘up to’ 50% the fact that it ends up being a tenth of that leaves a bitter taste. Why bother?

Here are some local pages of Qatar Airways to book this offer (if worthwhile)


Argentina (here), Brazil (here), Canada (here) and United States (here)


Armenia (here), Austria (here), Azerbaijan (here), Belgium (here), Bosnia & Herzegovina (here), Bulgaria (here), Croatia (here), Cyprus (here), Czech Republic (here), Denmark (here), Finland (here), France (here), Georgia (here), Germany (here), Greece (here), Hungary (here), Ireland (here), Italy (here), Macedonia (here), Netherlands (here), Norway (here), Poland (here), Romania (here), Russia (here), Serbia (here), Spain (here), Sweden (here), Switzerland (here), Turkey (here), Ukraine (here) and United Kingdom (here)


Algeria (here), Djibouti (here), Ethiopia (here), Kenya (here), Morocco (here), Mozambique (here), Namibia (here), Nigeria (here), Rwanda (here), Seychelles (here), South Africa (here), Sudan (here), Tanzania (here), Tunisia (here) and Uganda (here)

Middle East & Levant

Bangladesh (here), India (here), Iran (here), Iraq (here), Jordan (here), Kuwait (here), Lebanon (here), Maldives (here), Nepal (here), Oman (here), Pakistan (here), Qatar (here) and Sri Lanka (here)


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