Reader Question: Walked By Accor THREE Times In One Night & Given 4,000 Points That Are now In Limbo?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me quite an unbelievable story via Facebook having been walked by Accor THREE times in one night and all the issues that followed.


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Here’s the email from the reader:

Last year booked a 2 rooms in a hotel right opposite my family home, very handy as it was a family gathering. Upon arrival to the hotel they told me that they overbooked me and no rooms were available. Sent me to another hotel far from the family home. Arriving to the 2nd hotel once again they told me they were sorry but full and once again I was overbooked. Arriving to the 3rd hotel much further away from the family home they gave me the room keys and once I entered the room a family was there. Very embarrassing. Sent in the end to a 4th hotel and managed to check in. After writing complaint letter I was given miserable 4,000 points into my LeClub and a lousy email saying sorry.

6 months later I now decided to book something to redeem the points, I booked online two rooms, couple minutes later got automatically cancelled. Called customer care and got transferred to the call centre team. Call centre agent handled my frustration really poorly and condescending which I raised to him. In the end, when attempting to book again the room he said that due to a known technical glitch the points were taken from my account, however, the rooms he was booking were not booked and confirmed. He advised I had to wait for 24h until points were back in my account, then book with the rate available then as they could not hold the rate available at that moment. I thought this was an extortion, holding my points back so I book later and pay more.

I asked to be transferred to customer care team, they again told me nothing could be done as due to this known technical glitch I had to wait for points to return back to my account. I asked to speak to a supervisor and advisor replied back straight away none were available to speak to me as they were in a meeting. I did not believe as he did not put me on hold to check. Advisor confirmed a manager was going to call me back the same day. On this day I emailed some Accor directors and CEO.

7 days later and not a single call from the manager as told, neither replies from emails I sent. Another email back sent to directors and CEO. Same day afternoon, got a call from someone saying my case is a priority and they wanted to help. They said they were sorry and they wanted to proceed with booking however with current rates. They were not even offering more points or any gratuity as per my hassle. Remember, my main issue was then that I got overbooked 3 times on the same day going from one hotel to another. I mentioned to the lady who called me that I wanted them to honour the rate that was available the first time I called them. She said I should check my notes and see how much was the rates. As I was not at home I told her to call me next day.

Next morning she called me and said ok, I will need to speak to my manager and I will call you back. I was simply disgusted as I expected her to give me a answer to my case straight away, besides my “case now was a priority for Accor” according to her.

It’s been now 8 days since she called me and so far nothing has been resolved. She attempted to call me a couple of times but as I was at work I could not answer. No email no voice mail giving me her contact details to call back.

I’m simply in a limbo, they have my points, I cannot spend, and they expect me to pay current rate now to book my hotel even though it’s a known system glitch.

Any thoughts?

Haven’t we already learned that Accor and Le Club Accorhotels are not known for their customer service? 4,000 points for being walked THREE times in one night is an insult on its own. Any other other chain would have compensated multitude of that amount in their own loyalty program currency and Hilton would have given several Be My Guest certificates.

And whats up with Accor not fixing their website issues too?


For the long term success of Accor and Le Club Accorhotels, they really need to fix these customer service and web issues and empower the call center employees to do the right thing.

I would have been more than fuming after having been walked THREE times in one night. The first hotel should have ensured that the hotel where the guest was walked to had rooms available. Obviously they didn’t do their job right.

It is unclear from the reader’s message if the hotels 2, 3, and 4 were also Accor ones (I would assume so). Usually, hotels try to walk guests first within their chain or within their internal group (hotels could be under various brands).

I would try to escalate this issue further within the Accor. 4,000 points for all the issues the reader encountered on that day is simply not enough!