Compensation Clinic: Hyatt Place DND Issues


This week the Compensate Clinic-case comes from a reader’s stay at a Hyatt Place property (was not named at the message received) that had issues with honoring the DND (Do Not Disturb).

Compensation Clinic Hyatt Place

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Here’s message from the reader:

I got 3000pts from a Hyatt place today for a DND violation! Three friggen Times.

Confirmed my 4pm checkout when I checked in last night and saw them note in the system. Chinese looking housekeeper knocks at 12:20 with dnd on and she’s holding the dnd sign in her hand as I open the door. I tell her 4pm checkout. Held up my 4 fingers in case she didn’t understand.

Same lady comes at 330pm while I’m on a client call. I tell her the same thing. 5 minutes later some other Asian lady looking like a supervisor knocks while I’m still on the phone with the same client.

Prob should have held out for more (cat 2 prop, 8k per night) but the MOD handled it very well, called the housekeeping director over when I said it was a housekeeping issue.


These DND issues are really problematic at many hotels. I still don’t get it why it is so difficult for the housekeeping to confirm with the list the confirmed check out time and act accordingly when they see these signs hnging outside of the door?

I believe that the reader did ok if the front desk agent/manager handled this well, although I would have pushed minimum 50% compensation in terms of free night (in terms of points)