Lufthansa Increases Price For Upgrades To Business Class On Domestic & European Routes


Lufthansa has increased the price for upgrades from Economy to Business Class on their German and European routes that are utilized via Plusgrade Upgrade Bidding.

Upgrades now go for 90 EUR domestic (previously 79 EUR) and depending on distance up to 160 EUR for European routes.

Lufthansa is using the Plusgrade Upgrade bidding platform successfully for a few years now and one could argue that the low priced upgrades used to carry a decent value especially for passengers that don’t have Star Alliance status.

You can access the product description of the Lufthansa Upgrade here.

The price of an upgrade to Business Class on German domestic routes and on routes between Germany and other European countries is determined by the route and, depending on the flight duration, will be EUR 90, EUR 110 or EUR 160.

Until now these upgrades started at 79 EUR per flight.

Last year I’ve written about the Plusgrade option when I upgraded my Economy Class long haul flight to Premium Economy for 220 EUR (see the article here).

The thing about upgrading to European Business Class is that those are essentially the same seats as Economy Class just with a blocked middle seat and slightly better catering.

This is how the product is advertised on the Lufthansa page:

The upgrade to Business Class offers you the following extra comforts and services:

  • The use of the priority lanes at security, provided that they exist at the airport in question
  • The use of the Lufthansa Business Lounge at your departure airport
  • Priority boarding when boarding is via a passenger boarding bridge
  • A seat in the front rows of the aircraft with the seat next to you guaranteed to be empty
  • A full meal and a wide choice of beverages
  • A selection of newspapers and magazines
  • One additional piece of carry-on baggage
  • Higher mileage credit within the Miles & More frequent flyer programme

Those are legitimate points, especially the ground services and extra baggage allowance. I wouldn’t consider the F&B options on board Lufthansa domestic and short European flights a ‘full meal’ though. I think that goes a little bit too far and provokes expectations that can’t be met.


Some flights are pretty long such as Frankfurt-Lisbon or Frankfurt-Stockholm/Helsinki. I’d probably pay for that upgrade. Would I pay 90 EUR for Frankfurt-Munich? Probably not but then again I already have status so my benefits would be limited to seat and services on board.

My parents had a domestic flight last week and I was able to upgrade them at just 79 EUR per person, per way prior to this price raise which I consider to be well worth it since they rarely fly and don’t have any status.