Reader Question: What To Do With Air Canada & Aeroplan?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me a question what to do with Air Canada & Aeroplan when the miles keep piling up and program separation in 2020 is in the horizon.

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I am a Air Canada Super Elite Flyer 2,000,000 miler with 3,000,000 Aeroplan miles.

I travel at least 250,000 travel miles a year on Air Canada and with my status, I get 100% bonus aeroplan miles.

I also charge at least $15,000 a month on my AMEX card that also goes to my Aeroplan account at 1.4 miles per mile.

My question is… Because Air Canada and Aeroplan are parting ways

Should I be sending my Air Canada aeroplan miles on my next travels to a different airline partner

Should I change my credit card to collect miles on a different travel program?

I learn so much from your posts and look forward to your advice.

There are several issues:

1. The reader has way too many Aeroplan miles sitting on his account & the agreement with Air Canada and Aeroplan ends in 2020 that will likely cease the ability to burn Aeroplan miles on Star Alliance airlines

2. 250,000 flown miles on Air Canada yearly credited to Air Canada

3. More than $15K month in charge activity that currenty goes Amex that converts to Aeroplan

Here’s what the reader should do:

1. Try to burn as many Aeroplan miles as possible on long-haul Star Alliance business and first class awards before 2020

2. I would assume that the reader enjoys Super Elite privileges on Air Canada flights. I would credit flights beyond SE qualification to another Star Alliance program such as United’s Mileage Plus.

3. Use credit card that doesn’t automatically convert to Aeroplan miles. I am sure that Amex has products in Canada that allows converting to other partners as well. I don’t see any point (pun intended) being more vested in Aeroplan than the reader currently is.


Sometimes when you fly, stay and charge a lot the miles and points just keep piling up.

The breakup with Aeroplan and Air Canada is really a wake up call for many to basically stop crediting anything that they cannot burn before 2020 to the program and I would advise the reader to do the same.

As the reader flies 250K miles per year on Air Canada, I would assume that he should be able to qualify for both Super Elite on AC and 1K on United to hedge the bets with the program in 2020.

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