Reader Comment: IHG Rewards Club Account Hack & Inability To Register For New Offers!


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a message on Facebook regarding an account takeover that had taken place last year after which IHG had opened him a new account and moved points over. Problems weren’t over, however.

IHG Rewards Club Account Takeovers

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Here’s the Facebook message from the reader:

After talking to ambassador service they told that i m not elihible to tvis offer just old member

In last september my account was hacked they change to me to new account

They transfer to me all point to new account

Around 1 million

After that i cannot register to ihg offers

I got this very stupid answer from them as i m spire member

If someone hack your account and thi is frequent in ihg

They will give you new account

But new account don t considere you as a old member so you will not be able to receive offer same like before


The reader had had issues for registering multiple offers that required him to be an old member that his new account disqualified him for. Also, the Accelerate offer that was extended to his account was the most basic version and didn’t take into account his extensive travels and usual earnings potential.

These IHG Rewards Club account takeovers have been going on for years due to having extremely weak four digit PINs guarding the accounts.

It is borderline criminal that IHG hasn’t done anything to safeguard the member accounts by now considering all the fraud that is going on daily.