Have You Noticed Your Uber Passenger Rating Drop After Using The Service In Some Countries?


Uber allows both passengers and drivers rate each others after completing a ride. Ratings are very important for drivers because they can be terminated from the system if the number drops below 4.6.

Uber Passenger Rating Drop

A friend of mine posted on his Facebook why his passenger rating was dropping day after day after using the service in Brazil 15 times?

His passenger rating had been 5.0 before (something like 50 rides because the service is not really available in Japan). The rating had first dropped to 4.71 and then to 4.57.

Uber now won’t show the new rating immediately after the driver rates you but uses some sort of delay. It might take few days for the most recent ride ratings to settle in.

For the passenger rating to drop so much, many drivers must have rated him basically 3.

My question is:

1. Do drivers expect riders to speak their native language? (Drivers in Brazil usually only speak Portuguese – very few speak any English)

2. Are we expected to chat with the drivers during the rides? (I usually prefer sitting on the back)

3. Are they just fed up with foreign users of the service?

4. If they don’t like the fare or the origin/destination/the traffic is heavy, they rate the passenger accordingly?


I was in the Brazil at the same time and my passenger rating dropped from 4.75 to 4.70 but has recovered to 4.72 by now. Other countries where I have experienced similar drops are New Zealand and South Africa.

My friend, who is as courteous as Japanese usually are, was just curious why this happened? Perhaps one of the reason is that the drivers are more exhausted during the carnival in Rio de Janeiro and only venue for them to vent (wrong) is the passenger ratings.

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