Watch Out For Possible Flight Delays & Cancellations At London & UK Airport February 26 – March 1, 2018


Europe has been hit with late winter weather this February that is affecting UK this coming week and may affect air traffic (we all know how well equipped BA is to handle deicing).


UK Met Office has issued warnings for Monday to Thursday for snowfall across the UK that may result in road closures, train and air traffic disruptions. BA has not issued travel waiver or cancelled flights yet.

You can access Met Office’s warnings here.


BA usually cancels first short-haul flights that it can easily consolidate using bigger planes or flights where it can move passengers to partner airlines.

Passengers that are traveling via UK airports this coming week should monitor their itineraries for possible disruptions.

Remember that duty to care applies in case of adverse weather (in case of Community Carriers or flights from the EU) and airlines are required to rebook passengers to their final destinations on alternate flights/carriers that are operating at their (passengers’) earliest convenience.