Qatar Airways Privilege Club Enhancements March 2, 2018

Qatar Airways sent out an email to select Privilege Club members on Sunday regarding enhancements coming our way on March 2, 2018.

Qatar Airways Privilege CLub Changes March 2 2018

Seems that the airline has tried to beef up the online capability and now members can do more online without having to contact the call center by phone or email. There is, however, huge issue with these changes.

You can access Qatar’s web page for these changes here.

Here’s the email from the Qatar (can you spot the issue?):

Qatar Airways Privilege CLub Changes March 2 2018 Text

I have no idea how partner awards have previously been booked or award changes done. I don’t believe, however, that sending a message to Privilege Club by using online contact form is the most efficient way to achieve this when the with the partners the availability can change at any minute.


I have no issues when airlines are trying to push their members to do more online when they have enabled the capability. I don’t believe that this is the case with Oneworld partner awards with Qatar Airways, however.

If you really need to probe the availability by sending emails that may take several hours/days to get replies to, this is just horrible way to treat members. Perhaps Qatar is trying to get members only to redeem on their own metal?