Reader Question: Booked Best Flexible Rate & Stay Post And Ineligible For Stay At The InterContinental Singapore?


A LoyaltyLobby dropped me an email regarding his stay at the InterContinental Singapore where property had processed an upgrade and did something with the rate for it to become incorrectly ineligible for the points.

Reader Question IC SIN

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I have booked a 2 night stay at IC Singapore. Hotel was fully booked and I was booked on Best Flexible Rate for a Deluxe Rate at SGD620++ per night for 2 days stay. Room was check-in earlier by my travel companion. I went to check-in later in the evening for the stay and was given the room key promptly.

Room was upgraded beyond the usual 2-level upgrade and was given a Premier Suite room (instead of the usual Premier Room for RA).

Upon check-out and checking my account, it was posted as non-qualifying stay: Discounted rate. I emailed to the IHG Ambassador and gotten the response as appended below.

I was surprised with this response as my travel companion and myself was not told that the rate will be a non qualifying room rate, given that the point of booking, it is eligible for points. Also, they are now trying to “calm” me down with just a miserable 2,000 points.

What are my options? I think IHG is not being very transparent with this and sneaky about it. I know that I have been upgraded a room way beyond the 2-level, but I was not told that the rate will now be non qualifying. Especially I had paid a room rate that is much higher than the norm.

Here’s the reply that the reader had received from the Ambassador service center:

I hope you are doing well. It’s my pleasure to assist you with your stay at InterContinental Singapore.

I reviewed your reservation and I see that it was initially booked under the Best Flexible Rate. However, it shows also that your reservation was modified. There was a room change and the rate was also changed into a negotiated rate that’s why it was posted as a non qualifying rate.

The good news is I have added 2,000 points to your account as we value your business with us. I have also added your 600 welcome amenity points on hotel’s behalf. Your current point balance is 155,662 and this should now be available on your online account at

We always aim to serve our members better. If you need anything else, feel free to email us and we’d be happy to follow up.

Here’s copy of the reservation:

Reader Question IC SIN Confirmation

I clarified with the reader that this was not one of those BOGO reservations (free night cert) where you get points at least for one night (and stay credit usually for two).

Seems that the property made some sort of coding mistake when they processed the upgrade and the Ambassador Service Center is spinning (yet again) incorrect information without actually checking the facts (reservation) first.

The reader is certainly eligible for the points and stay credit here for two nights. He should reply to the email and request that this issue be fixed. The reservation was not modified but merely upgraded by the property. This will not affect the rate plan at all.


I am often just shaking my head when reading these replies that readers sent me from the IHG Rewards Club and the Ambassador Service Center. You would think that IHG should have some sort of quality control in place instead of how many replies these employees process in an hour?

The issue with stays posting incorrectly as non-qualifying was more prevalent in the past (usually with the free weekend night certs) and you sometimes had to go through few rounds of emails to have the stay corrected (they did always at the end).