UPDATE: Topbonus Sends Out Gold Elite Card With March 2019 Expiry


Yesterday, I wrote about an instance (read more here) where Topbonus had mailed out an elite card that had less than month left before expiry. Another reader had also received a card from Topbonus but it was valid until March 2019!

Topbonus New Card English

This letter is in English and states that no Oneworld benefits apply, although the alliance logo still is on the card. Not sure what benefits Etihad may give “Topbonus” members due to its former “Etihad Airways Partners” alliance that has unraveled as of late.


So, you get an elite card from now defunct airline that you cannot actually use anywhere? They ask you to keep collecting Topbonus miles/points that you can perhaps use some day.

Someone should finally put this Topbonus out of misery too….