Out Of Control: Violent Fist Fight On Los Angeles Bound Southwest Airlines Flight!


Another day another altercation on the plane, this time it involved a flight on Southwest Airlines that ended with fists flying between two passengers – the new F(l)ight Club!?.

A cellphone video is currently making it’s rounds online showcasing a pretty violent scene with lots of swearing and heavy punches.

You gotta wonder if people are starting to behave worse like animals in the wild, especially when witnessing scenes like this one.

The Youtube Video (access here) uploaded shows the individual who took it having added the tags ‘Southwest Airlines, WalMart Of The Skies’:

You can see the individuals in a heated argument that turned into violence. As soon as the punches start other passengers are screaming. The altercation appears to have taken place in the mid-section of the aircraft as forward seated passengers appear to be in a hurry getting off the plane.

The episode even made it into the Daily Mail (access here).

… A man in a grey hoodie seems to be the main assessor, punching a man who then falls back into his seat.

Things seem to be calming down for a second, before the man in the hoodie starts throwing punches again.

The video ends when someone tries to stop him by grabbing him.

Southwest Airlines said about the incident: ‘On March 2, Southwest Airlines flight #8 scheduled Dallas Love to Los Angeles was delayed departing due to an altercation between two passengers. The passengers involved were deplaned and local law enforcement took over from there. The safety and comfort of our Employees and passengers is our top priority.’

Based on the video remarks at least some passengers apparently missed their connection due to this, probably while waiting for the police to take statements.


The individuals involved in this fight should be held responsible for all associated costs related to their behavior and whoever is found the instigator added to the No Fly List to ensure this doesn’t happen again. It’s an airplane not the ghetto!