Fabulous Fridays: Special SPG Lifetime Status Recognition Gift At The Luxury Collection Laguna, Bali

This week out Fabulous Friday is about a special SPG Lifetime Gold recognition gift I received at the Sheraton Laguna Luxury Collection in Nusa Dua, Bali.

In addition to SPG Platinum benefits I was surprised the hotel also offers a special recognition for guests with SPG lifetime status, in this case a 60 Minute Balinese Massage at the hotel spa.

This hotel is the first where I actually noticed a noteworthy mention of being a Lifetime member with SPG, something which doesn’t really hold any significance especially if your current SPG status (in my case basic Platinum) trump the Lifetime Gold benefit. To be hones I didn’t even know hotels get that information displayed (or pay any attention to it).

Here is the voucher I received this week:

The reservation was for two people and the voucher recognized one person for a 60 minute free Balinese Massage which has a value of US$80.

Considering I only paid 1,630,000 IDR base rate (US$118) this is a very generous gift. The voucher also had other options for lunch/dinner/afternoon tea, I presume those are probably for Lifetime Platinum or maybe if someone doesn’t like the massage.

Just in case you read this and consider staying at the Laguna: This hotel does require a Platinum guest to choose between 500 bonus points or the breakfast option. I’d always choose the breakfast especially if traveling with two people or staying multiple days.


I’m definitely impressed by this recognition and the hotel as a whole. I’ve been staying at the Laguna twice previously but at that time this gift wasn’t around so it must be new.

The primary concern I have is usually that the property honors my Platinum benefits which can be tricky at times (not a problem here at The Laguna but other SPG properties often give trouble.