Compensation Clinic: Construction Noise At Holiday Resort – Sheraton Laguna Luxury Collection, Bali


Just two days after lauding the Sheraton Laguna Luxury Collection in Bali we’re back with a Compensation Clinic for excessive construction noise in the pool, restaurant and spa area.

The holiday resort with a beautiful pool landscape unfortunately though it’s a good idea starting construction on a Saturday morning at 9am with loud drilling and hammering.

Unfortunately the serene environment of staying at a beachfront resort in Bali was destroyed once the construction efforts began. It turned out they are renovating several rooms and have no reservation in letting the guests be part of this experience.

Here you can get a taste:

Mind you that was on the way to breakfast at 9:20am.

The noise got worse by the time I had my spa appointment where I planned to use my one hour spa voucher I complimented the hotel on in our Fabulous Fridays edition two days ago. I actually ended the Spa treatment halfway through because the drilling noise was so persistent and annoying that relaxing at the spa wasn’t possible in any way. It was also impossible to hang out around the pool the entire morning.

The hotel issued a compensation for a complimentary dinner, issuing a voucher during this stay.

We decided to have dinner at the Arwana which has a la carte options. The Banyubiru is a buffet and it was really bad air in the dining area. I checked the menu for the Arwana out ahead of time and knew how it looked like.

I was definitely surprised when I was handed a menu without any meat dishes on it except BBQ Pork Ribs. Basically it was missing all the (overpriced) meat options including lamb, beef and pork. Definitely a watered down menu for guests that carry a voucher like this.  I called them out on it and was quickly given the correct menu.

The restaurant allowed corkage of personal wine/champagne. Nevertheless the items chosen weren’t the most expensive ones by far. In any case the menu price value for the entire dinner was roughly US$150, about equal to the overnight charge.


To do renovation or repair work in this fashion is not acceptable for a resort when it comes with this kind of noise disturbance. Especially when there is no notice of this whatsoever on the hotel website or during the booking process. People go there for holiday and to begin at 9am is also entirely out of control. Not sure what management is thinking. Of course once again unfortunately very few people will complain about this.