Swiss Switching Geneva To Buy-On-Board Starting Sometime In Spring 2018 (Light Fare Only)


Swiss that claims that its short-haul flying from Geneva is unprofitable despite high fares plans to switch to Buy-On-Board catering sometime this spring according to Swiss media.

Swiss Catering

This will affect passengers that have purchased so called “Light” fare that doesn’t come with checked luggage allowance. Passengers on other fare types will still be provided a snack and beverages free of charge.

Here’s an excerpt from Swiss 20 Minutes (Google translate – access their piece here):

It is not planned to introduce this new catering concept on flights to and from Zurich, said the spokesman. Swiss wants to introduce the new catering concept in Geneva next Thursday in the context of the annual media conference.

Swiss passengers with the cheapest Economy fare Light will in future have to pay extra for meals on flights to and from Geneva. Included are only mineral and chocolate. Until now, Swiss offered all its economy guests free food and drinks.


I am sure that this will expand to Zurich too and Lufthansa as well once they have tried it out from Geneva. Why not?

When I am flying around Europe, I never choose and airline based on their catering concept either in economy or business class. I buy on who offers the most direct service and price. Just last week purchased my first ever ticket on EasyJet because they offered the only direct service between the two city pairs.